Team SuperWout - About Us (English version)


Who or what is "Team Superwout", the story :
In May 2014, the diagnose of cancer with Wout came like a bolt out of the blue. Little Wout, only 10 months old at the time, was diagnosed with neuroblastoma. Despite a hard and heavy treatment, he emerged as "SuperWout": He kept on being a happy and playful little man, sticking his tongue out, waiving "dada", eating Choco, quizzical smiling, … he even learned to walk.  But the treatment was to no avail. On January 1st 2015, SuperWout lost his brave battle against cancer.
His fight against the cancer was unfair, but his resilience and perseverance was legendary. This inspired his family, godfather, godmother and friends to join forces in the battle against cancer. Beginning of 2015 they started with "Team Superwout". In October 2015 we founded the official vzw Team SuperWout.

A sportive goal
For several years, Ascension weekend is the 1000 km-weekend. Thousands of people peddle (cycle) together against cancer! And do so for four days! That is what the 1000 km of "Kom op tegen Kanker" is ( "Kom Op Tegen Kanker" = "The fight against Cancer"). With Team SuperWout we joined the fight and also put our shoulders and especially our cyclist legs under the 1000 km of "Kom Op Tegen Kanker". To participate in the 1000 km with Team Superwout, requires and entry fee of 5.000€ per cyclist team (that money entirely goes to the fight against cancer. This year, the money specifically goes to clinical research, improving the treatment of patient  ). We are convinced that we can collect the entry fees for each of our cyclist teams, so we all can peddle together in the fight against cancer.
In 2015 we joined the 1000km with 3 teams, in 2016 with 8(!) teams(64 cyclists!), in 2017 with 6 teams. In 2018 we want to join again with 6 teams!
We (cyclists and support team) will give it everything we got, because the research against cancer is damn important!
Besides the donation to "Kom op tegen Kanker" organization (the starting fee for the 1000km),
we also make a donation to the "Kites Team" of the " Kinderkankerfonds Leuven" (Home care tailored to the child, a liaison between the hospital and the home, supporting the patient, the family and the caretakers)
In order, to collect those entry fees, we will be organizing a range of activities.